Awards: 2017 – Kreatív PR Prizma 1 golden award and 1 bronze award (In PR category and in PR-driven integrated campaign category)

The Task

The domestic banks were criticized many times by the Government side and a rhetorical conflict was generated between the two parties: it was said that banks had not been interested in developing the Hungarian economy and in giving loans. K&H’s program reacted to it by making the market demand meet the market supply. It was based on a microsite, which introduced businesses and services that were lacked by local citizens. The task was to support the project with PR-communication tools and to strengthen the messages delivered by the parallel marketing communication campaign (between 1st and 30th September), using PR tools.

The Solution

We worked out an extraordinary strategy for supporting the marketing communication campaign. The essence of the strategy was the continuous feeding of news, which was segmented per media types. It means that a given piece of information was distributed in different ways, always choosing the most suitable method for the given media. In practice, we continuously delivered public life news to the public media, colorful news to the gutter media, and local event related news to the local media. One of the most successful actions of this process (which was also the most risky action from business and from political aspects) was stating that in the Felcsút region, people are mainly interested in the services of gas-fitters. With this theme, the program was on the cover page of the leading news portals for a long period of time. Social media had an important role to play in generating news, applying contents published through popular blogs and also through virus videos.

The Result

Within two months, there were 65,397 ideas and votes submitted to the microsite, which was set up for this specific purpose. By December 2016, the site had 251,000 visitors vs. the planned number of 45,000. The virus video associated to the program achieved 107,425 views on the official YouTube channel of K&H. The entries of the “Urbanista” blog were offered by more than 2,000 people on Facebook. On the week after their publication, the articles were read by 16-40,000 unique users. The program achieved 168 organic publications in the media, versus the set target of 130. Between September and December 2016, the representatives of the program were interviewed 8 times on TV and by radio stations. With this project, our agency was short listed at the European Excellence Award in two categories (Financials and Microsites), won a golden and a silver award at PR Prizma, and also the Hungarian PR Association’s Imre Sándor Award.

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