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We are an integrated communications agency. Should it be about product launch, the branding of your company, or about crisis management, we can provide you with good ideas and creative solutions. Besides big companies, our services are also available to small- and medium sized enterprises thanks to our flexible pricing system.

Our owner and team members gained experiences earlier as customers themselves, thus we have a good understanding of our customers’ needs. We have high level English and German knowledge. In addition to the Hungarian media, we are also experienced in the international one.

Our top values are speed, preciseness and flexibility. These values are tangible for our clients; we provide services to them using the CRM System. Our team applies cutting-edge domestic and international applications.

In 2010, our company joined the Swiss based Shepard Fox International Network of Agencies, through which we are present at 32 European, Asian and South-American big cities.

We are proud of the fact that in the past years, we made it to the list of the TOP10 domestic PR agencies multiple times and we also received a number of prestigious professional prizes, such as the PR Prizma and the Imre Sándor Prizes.


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1016 Budapest, Krisztina Körút 99.
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