Top Management consulting
•   Market analysis and information

•   Background analysis, development of profiles

•   Development of communications strategies and action plans

•   Public Affairs consulting

"Sensitive issue" management

•   Assessment of organisational issues – audit

•   Development of the organisational standpoint

•   Development of the issue management strategy

•   Execution of action plans

Crisis communications

•   Prevention of crisis situations

•   Development of methods of crisis communications (internal regulation)

•   Management of crisis situations

Media contacts

•   Development and management of media contacts

•   Developing and updating the company’s press list

•   Organisation of press conferences and other press events

•   Organisation of interviews and other appearances in the media

•   Full-scale organisation of professional trips for the media

Standard PR services

•   Writing, editing and publication of press communiqués (in Hungarian, English and German)

•   Writing and editing background materials and analysis

•   Writing speeches, toasts, etc.

•   Preparation of presentations and Q&A-s

•   Production of internal newspapers, newsletters

•   Production of sales materials, flyers

•   Full production of annual reports